Trustworthy Kitten Purchase

Unveil the secret to a purr-fect companionship with a Trustworthy Kitten Purchase. Dive into a world where every feline brings joy, warmth, and lifelong memories. 🐱✨ Choose trust; choose a friend for life. Don't miss out on this heartfelt journey!

Guaranteed Kitten Happiness

Our kittens come to you healthy, litter-trained, and eating on their own. No kittens will leave to you until all of these goals are met. Each kitten comes with a sales contract and transfer of ownership document. We guarantee the kitten to be in good health at the time of purchase. If found to be seriously medically deficient after purchase, the seller will take the kitten back and refund the payment.

We are so confident in the genetics and health of our Maine Coon cats and kittens that we offer a two-year health guarantee. If anything were to happen to your kitten related to genetics and congenital health in their first 2 years, we would replace your kitten with a similar kitten at no cost to you OR apply for a 100% refund.

At Maine Coon and Ragdoll haven reserves the right to refuse to sell any of our kittens or cats at any time to anyone, on occasion we may find that a situation is not suitable. In that case, a full refund will be given. We carefully screen prospective buyers in order to find the best possible matches for our kittens. Those inquiring should expect to provide information on housing, family members, current pets, and past experiences.

Health Testing

The health of our kittens is non-negotiable. There is nothing more important than buying a Maine Coon kitten from a breeder who health tests the parents for HCM, SMA, and PKDef. The size and color of your beloved kitten will not matter if it becomes seriously ill. Even if you choose to purchase a kitten from a different breeder, make sure the parents have been health tested!

Shipping & Delivery Guarantee

Pet kittens will be picked up at our home. We do occasionally drive an hour or two out to meet a client with a kitten. We also accept visits or welcome interested buyers to our home so that they can personally make their choice and get back home with their preferred kitten(s). There are options for shipping, couriers, and deliveries and this must be worked out during the time of placing a deposit and the buyer is responsible for the fees involved.

We Ship Worldwide

We have shipped our kittens within the USA and Canada and even beyond. Your kitten will be shipped to you by land or by air and you will be provided with a tracking number so that you will be able to track the movement or flight status of your kitten(s) on the pet transport company webpage. In any event of unforeseen circumstances in the delivery process, we are ready for a replacement or full refund.

We work closely with airline partners and well-experienced pet courier companies to ensure that all pets are transported in accordance with international standards and regulations. With their professionalism standard, great care and several precautions are taken to ensure that your pet is comfortable and secure throughout their journey in order to arrive safely and in good health.

This includes providing them with appropriate food and water, monitoring their condition throughout the flight, and providing any necessary medical attention.

All kittens will come with a hard kennel, a health certificate that guarantees they are in good health and ready to fly from our Vet in a cozy blanket

White Glove Delivery

If you are a bit nervous about the kittens flying by themselves, then worry not because there are always pet nannies, vet doctors, and pet delivery agents who will fly out and hand deliver the kitten to you either at your nearest airport or directly to your home with its paperwork! You just need to provide your correct delivery address.

Final Words on Buying A kitten

After you have your kitten in your home, it is good to visit a veterinarian within 48 hours for a health check.

If, during the guarantee period, the kitten appears ill, it is to be examined by a veterinarian. If the vet determines that the animal is ill and the illness was present prior to the sale, the breeder shall be contacted at once. The breeder shall, upon receipt of a statement from the examining vet that the illness was present prior to the sale, pay the cost of medical treatment up to the purchase price of the kitten.

If the kitten should die from a problem present prior to the sale, the breeder shall refund the purchase price IF IT IS DETERMINED TO BE WARRANTED. The total liability of the breeder shall in no case exceed the total sale price of this contract, less any medical payments that have been refunded to the buyer.

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